Comprare cialis online in svizzera Artist Bloc is a collective of visual, sound, dance, video artists, producers, filmmakers and writers, interested in exploring and revealing the creative artistic process through the production of documentaries, exhibits and installations and joining interdisciplinary techniques into cohesive, rich experiences.Ai??Ai??Scott Nihill, Agi Gutkowska, Aaron Kopff, Diana Prelevic, Maggie McCutcheon and Norman Wong are the heart and soul of this collective since 2006 till now.

To date we have worked with such artists as Mark Pellegrino, Jon McCurley, filmmaker Lesley Loksi Chan, poet Jordan Scott, musician and illustrator Thomas Del Baso (of dd/mm/yyy), as well as Christine Duncan’s The Element Choir and The Woodchoppers with whom we completed the Bravo!FACT funded short film “Stutter” as well as Charles Spearin (of Broken Social Scene, Do Make Say Think) with The Happiness Project, the award winning album and installation.Ai?? The National Film Board of Canada produced the interactive site based on Jordan Scott’s poetry directed by Scott Nihil of Aritst Bloc.Ai?? Throughout we have been generously funded by the Ontario Arts Council and the Toronto Arts Council.

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We are based in Toronto, Canada.

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To date Artist Bloc produced the following multi-disciplinary arts events:

Artist Bloc Documentary Launch at The Great Hall (2007)
Stutter Film Launch (2008) http://12cottam.com.au/what-is-the-price-of-lisinopril/
Stutter : Live at The Music Gallery (2009)
The Happiness Project: In the House,Ai?? Montreal, Canada at Pop Montreal (2009)
The Happiness Project at The Music Galley as part of X-Avant (2010)
The Happiness Project: In the House, Kingston, Canada at Apple Crisp Festival (2010)
The Happiness Project : In the House, Toronto, Canada as part of Nuit Blanche at Oz Studios (2011)