After All : an exhibition

After All Dissertation

buy eli lilly cialis. is a colloquium of micro-disasters and subtle apocalypses, little mistakes and lonely wanderers,
absences and distortions, created by eight young visual artists. Both melancholy and acerbic, the works
speak to the aftermath of arbitrary and fictitious disasters. Darkness has already descended, and the order ivermectin online in usa.
sensation is one of being unsettled for good, and yet, escape routes and alarm-bells appear to be built-in
to each misfortune.

Anouk Deslogesai??i?? work depicts airplane crashes and ship collisions with delicately embroidered threads on
cold, transparent plastic. The unfinished lines are simultaneously intimate and dispassionate, leaving us unsure
how to feel about these calamities. Clare Samuelai??i??s photographs create an ambivalent relationship between the
figure and landscape, and a sense that ai???civilizationai??i?? is something long forgotten. Allison Roweai??i??s recycled quilt
pieces contrast bright fabric colours with urgent words: ai???The Time to Try and Convince Them is Over,ai??i?? speaks
one; and ai???Save Yourself,ai??i?? warns another. Alisha Piercy presents large-scale drawings of excessive fountain scenes
in unnatural colours, a kind of post-apocalyptic alchemy that is both enticing and intimidating. Leanne Eisenai??i??s ai???Scanai??i??
project pushes technology beyond its limits, tricking, bating and teasing the machine to produce beautiful shapes.

The outcomes bear scant relation to the objects they should represent, and instead become sublime errors.
Babar Khan creates moody portraits of shadowy figures.Ai?? April Maciborkaai??i??s distorted sea imagery brings to
mind tidal waves of biblical proportions, pertinent to recent events in our climate. Candice Purwinai??i??s dense
ink drawings illustrate childhood terrors, dark worlds ever present in individual memories. Marcy Chevaliai??i??s
tiny crocheted figures hang together, yet are isolated from each other, little grey creatures who have lost their
way in the storm.



A curated show by Lincocin online dictionary Clare Samuel and Agi Gutkowska

Work by Anouk Desloges, Clare Samuel, Leanne Eisen, Marcy Chevali,
Candice Purwin, April Maciborka, Allison Rowe, Alisha Piercy, Babar Khan

Curated by Clare Samuel and Agi Gutkowska.

Exhibition is open to the public- Monday to Thursday from 12 noon to 6 pm, Friday and Saturday from 11 am -6pm, and Sunday from 11am to 5 pm. Steam Whistle Brewing – The Roundhouse – 255 Bremner Blvd. Toronto. ( just south of the CN Tower)

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