Anna by Alisha Piercy

Within any garden, the fountain typically signals a gathering place for both public and private forms of entertainment: picnics, music, Cannabis seeds ottawa ontario flirting and loitering, and hopscotch, or, for reflective solitude. Water evokes freedom and reflecting light creates a dream-like atmosphere.

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In these soft apocalypses, fountains-at-ruin act out a display of romantic weather systems, fireworks, smoketrails, waterfalls and explosions, using ink, glitter, neon underdrawings and electrical tape.

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ALISHA PIERCY Emerging MontrAi??al-based writer, artist and paintings conservator. My practice ranges from poetry to the writing of novellas, from performative drawings to self-made bookworks. My recent work deals with the daring and singular purpose embodied by the figure of the ai??? From this vantage point, I explore conditions of alienation and stances adopted by rebels in order to reinvent culture. My projects happen in multiple media, but all are grounded in writing.

My recent publications include: two novellas Auricle / Icebreaker (Conunudrum Press, 2010), and You have hair like flags, flags that point in many directions at once, but cannot pinpoint land when lost at sea (Your Lips to Mine Press, Berlin/MontrAi??al, 2010), winner of the 2010 bpNichol Chapbook Award and co-published in an Icelandic edition by Uturdur (Reykjavik, 2010). My short story entitled Picnic was published in The Coming Envelope under BookThug Press (Toronto, 2011), and it forms part of Ransom, a novella I am now preparing for submission for publication. I have participated in various literary events, most recently performing on the mainstage at the Scream Poetry Festival (Toronto, 2011) and at the Literary Death Match (MontrAi??al, 2011).

In my multi-disciplinary project You have hair like flags~(2010) a figure is adrift at sea for 30 days. The project was composed of a chapbook, a thirty-day-long wall drawing performance in MontrAi??al and an installation of burning rafts set off the coast of Reykjavik. The story was inspired by the slogan Barcelona or Death! from a Senegalese pop song about the masses of young African men who attempt to float to mainland Europe, and by Dutch artist Bas Jan Aderai??i??s fated 1975 effort to round the world on a small boat. My solo exhibition Antechamber (2008) and Picnic (2009), a series of performances I carried out in Mexico City (2009), sought to confront modern mythless cultures through a consideration of the work of the Surrealist Leonora Carrington. In addition to writing my first novel, I am currently working on a film adaptation of Jonathan Lethemai??i??s short story Forever, said the duck, in collaboration with visual artist StAi??phane Gilot.

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