Mr. Gowrie by Arron Gibson

Mr. Gowrie in his interview fondly recounts his story of growing up with his 13 brothers and sisters in a small house. For his interpretation of this track, Arron Gibson has recreated this house as a pair of interactive fountains that, when the water in them is touched by a participant, activate a process that will add the music over the voice of Mr. Gowrie, allowing users to recreate the experience of adding music to speech while connecting with the work on a tangible level.

Water is a part of all of us. It connects us and makes our lives possible.Ai?? Without water we could not survive and without connecting with the water the user cannot interact with the work.Ai?? Simply touch the water in the fountains to activate the work and experience the connection.

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ARRON GIBSON This installation marks the third chapter in Arron’s project “The Listening Line”, which he developed during his final year of New Media Studies at Ryerson University in 2006. This thesis project garnered the inaugural Gallery TPW: Emerging Artist Award at Ryerson’s year-end showcase that year. The project’s next incarnation came to life in Kingston, Ontario, as part of The Happiness Project at the Apple Crisp Festival, where Arron worked with the track “Vittoria”.Ai??Ai?? Whenever The Listening Line is exhibited anywhere it always attempts to discuss the relationship between nature and technology through the act of physical connection with water.

By day, Arron runs his own new media company, Infinity Media Services Inc., specializing in web development. feldene discontinued.










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