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Faye Mullen

Faye Mullen (Performance, Installation Artist) is a visual artist working in performative installations and sculptures. Her work explores an interaction between the body and space while tackling phenomenological questions of presence. Faye grew up on the farm in the Niagara Region, Canada. She studied sculpture and installation at l’école National Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, France, at the Ontario College of Art & Design University and the University of Toronto. She received her BFA with distinction and was awarded with her program’s top award upon convocation. Faye’s work has been exhibited internationally in solo and curated group exhibitions in such spaces as Gyeonggi-do Museum of Modern Art in Seoul, Gallérie Gauche in Paris, Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art in Oregon and Board of Directors in Toronto. She is the founder of minnow & bass Gallery a nomadic artist run space. Faye has participated in artists’ residencies at Gibraltar Point on the Toronto Island and at the Yatoo Association International Residency in Wongol, South Korea. Currently she lives, learns and work in Toronto.

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MIDDLESCHOOL is presenting a video installation featuring the collaboration of Norman Wong, Aaron Kopff, Daniel Grant, Faye Mullen, Mila Victoria, Agi Gutkowska and Parallels at The White House. Check out the event details for THE WHITE HOUSE on FACEBOOK.


Video word made Flesh.

This is a still from another projection-based video art piece that Middleschool conceived of for the David Cronenberg inspired art show that took place during this year’s TIFF at 107 Shaw Gallery. Faye Mullen, a performance and installation artist was the muse and collaborator, along with Agi Gutkowska as the liaison. Parallels‘ Cameron Findlay scored [...]