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Aaron Kopff (Filmmaker, Producer, Director) was born June 12, 1890, in Tulin, Austria on the Danube. His father, Adolf, worked as a stationmaster for the Austrian State Railways and his mother, Marie, was from Krumau, in Bohemia, where she worked as a handmaiden to the Duke of Beggary. When Aaron was 15 years old, his father died of syphilis, and he became a ward of his uncle, Leopold Czihaczec, who became distressed by Aaron’s lack of interest in academic studies, yet recognized his passion and talent for art. After attending school in Kerms and Klosterneuburg, Aaron enrolled in the Akademie der Bildenden Kunste in Vienna in 1906. Here he studied painting and drawing but was frustrated by the school’s conservatism. In 1907, He met Gustav Klimt, who encouraged him and influenced his work. Aaron left the Akademie in 1909 and founded the Neukunstgruppe with other dissatisfied students. Upon Klimt’s invitation…wait…that’s not Aaron’s bio, is it? It’s Egon Schiele’s! Alright, here’s is the real scoop on Aaron Kopff: Aaron is excited by the possibility of things and enjoys music, movies, quiet nights at home, lonely women, baseball, candle lit dinners, candlelit baseball, broken dreams, victory marches, stadium seating, rosemary, Gary Oldman, hangin with friends, brief interviews with hideous men, Neil Young, Wayne Gretzky, channel 60 or 61, and you.

Aaron has traveled the world keeping a keen eye towards observation. His film credits include the award winning and Academy Award considered 35mm short “Sounds Like Silence” which he directed, co-directed, and co-produced. Aaron recently directed and produced a short performance film for Bravo!FACT entitled “Stutter” and his new short entitled “Sock Tease” is currently in post production. He has founded two production companies; Electric Train Productions a narrative, commercial, music video, and promotional film and video company, and Artist Bloc a documentary, web based, and live performance arts collective, which sets out to collaborate with artists in all mediums of production. He has shot countless live shows for bands like Feist, Bloc Party, and Broken Social Scene including editing two videos for BSS (“Major Label Debut” and “Safety Bricks”).

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Dry Blood

PARALLELS Directed by Aaron Kopff Produced by Agi Gutkowska


David Hoffos: Scenes from the House Dream

Check this show at the Museum Of Canadian Contemporary Art (MOCCA) curated by Shirley Madill Sep 10, 2010 – Dec 31, 2010 LINK


Jordan Scott – Stammer – Interactive for the NFB

The NFB (National Film Board of Canada) commissioned an interactive documentary on poet Jordan Scott! Scott Nihill captured Jordan reading to an audience and interviewed him on his experience growing up with a stutter and how they relate to the poems in his book Blert. All of this is weaved into a captivating audience driven experience. [...]