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“If we can share our brokenness with each other”

If it takes a death in the family (the literary one, that is) then so be it. I’ve been meaning to put this forth into the AB blog world since December. And now an outpouring of Salinger gems seems absolutely necessary. So thank you, Seymour: even in death, you are the ass-kicking your little siblings [...]



change the world (for mama)


Little Scream on La Blogotheque

Artist Bloc’s very own Aurora Diana Prelevic writes a beautiful intro to Little Scream’s first TAKE AWAY SHOW on La Blogotheque’ series entitled “Views from Montreal”. You can read Aurora’s exclusive interview with Little Scream HERE.


Stutter on Screen

Bravo! Television has screened Stutter short nationally we can share it with you here online and in full format. Enjoy!


Post-POP Happiness

Pop Montrea hosted The Happiness Project and offered us an incredible audience. Starting Wednesday September 30th to Sunday Oct 4th, each day we had a steady flow of enthusiastic music, art and happiness fans! We got hugs, thank yous and folks coming back a second time, weather it was just for the cookies or maybe [...]