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Cindy Blazevic
Cindy Blazevic is a visual artist whose documentary photographs deal with the politics and emotion of identity, interpreted by the spaces she photographs and the people who occupy them. Most recently, she co-authored The Culture Lobby project, a collaborative photographic archive that toured the Western Balkans in 2010/2011. Her photographs belong to private and corporate collections in North America and Europe.

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State-owned Splendor

The Hotel Onogošt is in the very isolated and very depressing city of Nikšić, wedged between some very high mountains in Montenegro. I spent one night in this relic of socialist Yugoslavia. The poodle-haired ladies in reception told me privatization is imminent.


George: “Contact with contemporary art is extremely rare.” Gilbert nods in agreement.

In the midst of my autumn of post-production for the project, I took a break from Belgrade and visited Zagreb. One of the many things I did was attend a press conference given by the Zagreb Museum of Contemporary Art (which opens its doors December 11th, by the way), at which the (famous) contemporary artists [...]


Speaking of culture..

This male dance troupe debuted a week ago on Super Talent Hrvatska, a Croatian version of So You Think You Can [dance/sing/whatever]. Apparently, these guys are now super mega stars in Croatia. It’s one of the more bizarre things I’ve seen recently.


The Highway of Brotherhood and Unity

Pascal and I were in a fotokopirnica earlier this evening, photocopying something. Pascal picked up a Belgrade city guide, one of those 5×7 glossy productions, and started flipping through it out of boredom. And then he found this: Pascal designed that graphic for a press release a month ago, we shipped it off to KIOSK [...]


The Beginning of the End

Nearly three years have passed since Pascal, my husband, and I embarked on our project, The Culture Lobby. Three years. Yikes.

In 2007 we had an idea for a little project, which for one reason or another turned into a big project. A very big project. A thank-you-British-Council-Open-Society-Institute-European-Cultural-Foundation-Ontario-Arts-Council-Balkan-Trust-for-Democracy kind of project. Two years later, after finding our project soul mates in Milica Pekić and Ana Adamović, the directors of the NGO KIOSK…