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Maggie McCutcheon

Maggie prefers the behind-the-scenes action of organizing instead of exhibiting herself. With an HBA in Comparative Literature, she writes for personal fulfillment and examines the state of the individual in alienating metropolises and the link between decay and progress. Dabbling in the plastic arts, she looks for new ways to creatively fill canvases—using wax, collage, and found objects in ways even she didn’t expect.

Associate Producer.

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What Happens Now?

Timothy Mills wants to know What Happens Now? (Nicole) (David & Marianne)



Nina Arsenault recently spoke at IdeaCity 2010 about her art and her body, and how she objectifies herself in the name of both. Read the whole ‘talk‘ because it’s super. “And, I take my understanding of irony from Donna Harraway’s Cyborg Manifesto. She articulates irony not simply as the idea that an image can contain [...]