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Ryan Solski can’t stop drawing the future, kind of like the character from Heroes, except (so we are told) no heroin or superpowers stemming from a rare genetic mutation are involved in his creative process. As a graduate from the Ontario College of Art & Design’s Integrated Media program in 2005, Ryan has produced over 200 books of illustrations, his work (from artist books to sculptural installations) has been displayed in over 36 shows and exhibits, and he also handled visual promotion for the 2006 International Images Festival. He will be launching his website (, which will feature 8 of his books from the last 4 years. There isn’t much that can stop Ryan from creating a plethora of material in a presentable and storable manner. Much of his visual work, while covering a range of ideas, is rooted in futuristic themes. The sheer quantity of Ryan’s prolific output is precisely the source of the current challenge Artist Bloc found him facing. Having produced all of this visual work in books, Ryan has found it difficult to display it in a presentable, interactive manner. Enter the Big Head! Together, Jon and Ryan have been working on the Big Head sculpture, which will house and display Ryan’s various artist books at the Artist Bloc exhibit, and will coincide with the launch of

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Making of the Artist Bloc Doc (2007)

Artist Bloc : The Documentary (running time 48 min) a documentary following the host Jon McCurley as he entered the lives of seven emerging Toronto artists, to assist them through their artistic block. In the fall of 2007 the producers screened the documentary on the seven artists to a sold out crowd at the Theatre [...]