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Tomas Del Balso is a multi-disciplinary/ multi-instrumental artist that travels frequently as a musician/ drawer across north america and Europe. The focus of the work is to develop a body of work based on the observations gained through touring and the relationships created by meeting and discovering art spaces and other creative venues. Tomas graduated from OCAD with a major in drawing and painting and a BFA. Future goals include studying for a Masters of fine art and working with print studios. Tomas Del Balso was born in Toronto and began his art career when he was four years old with some drawings that his mother has kept to this day. Isn’t that sweet? Too bad he’s a raging anarchist! Aah! Although that last detail is apocryphal (and the term anarchist is up for debate), what is certain is that Tomas became interested in different artistic mediums while enrolled in the Fine Arts program at Mayfield Secondary School, and completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a major in Drawing and Painting at the Ontario College of Art and Design. Thomas’ main artistic interest is to merge the elements of print, photography, holography, AV, and drawing into a single, cohesive body. Tomas decided upon a series of installations, master-less in craft, to be made in public spaces that are hard to reach. Specifically, the installation objects were hardcover books, and the space was an abandoned nunnery. The images in the books refer to the space they are forfeited to and the space itself is a place on Tomas’ street that sparks the imagination because it is unknown. The final gesture is the leaving of the books, as an offering to the space and to whoever’s consciousness that finds itself in the nunnery. The challenge with the installation, according to Tomas, was “merging the concept of forfeit and anonymity with performance and coordination.” Everything was meant to refer to something local, the performance on camera was to be the ritual finalizing the installation, but even then the installation has become an ongoing process. Jon was able to help by working out with Tomas the parameters for the installation and making sure that it was critically workable. Tomas describes the Artist Bloc experience as fluid and is grateful for the kind crew and cast for facilitating this ritual.

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