Mrs. Morris by Jeremy McMullin / Designcorp

Mrs. Morris

Mrs. Morris captures the rich cadence and sweet abundant character that one hears in her lovely voice. The soft saxophone melody emulates her tone establishing a melody as she declares that “Happiness is love”. I re-imagined the kitchen using a fallen tree, salvaged from the ravine in my backyard. I chose to adorn the tree using the soft, ethereal and modular sweet – the marshmallow.

I chose the kitchen for its role in domestic life, its transitional position and its hollowness. This hollowness and the physical absence of Mr. Morris, I felt could be supplanted by the grace of the salvaged tree. Themes of domesticity, neighbourly love, and our societal guilt and reverence with respect to the natural world are explored in this installation.

Jeremy McMullin Designcorp Jeremy studied Environmental Design at OCAD and Interior Design at Ryerson University, receiving top honours in both institutions. He is the co-owner of Designcorp, an international Planning and Design Company. With offices in Toronto and Sao Paulo he creates Master Plans and large retail projects, mixed use developments, lifestyle centers, theatres, homes and arenas in Latin America, the US and across Canada. He has received numerous international awards for his work and was drawn to the happiness project for the soulfulness and passion of the artists and members of Artist Bloc.

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