Mrs. Morris (Reprise) by Crush

Mrs Morris (Reprise)

Mrs. Morris is the purest reflection of what we think “The Happiness Project” is about. Mrs. Morris is an infectiously happy person. Mrs. Morris makes us think about the universality of happiness. The shared experience is what makes us all happy. We wanted to do something that visually reflected that. Our goal was to show that ultimately we all share those quiet chances for happiness that make us human. Everyone who enters and participates, makes a contribution to other people’s happiness.

CRUSH is a design/directing collective based in Toronto. Crush has been around since 1998, and has been a major component in Toronto’s design and post production industry. Crush works in advertising, music videos, the film world and in places where creativity and technology meet. Crush have done graphic and animation collaborations with Moby, Richie Hawtin and REM. They have worked on viral video projects with Douglas Coupland and art installations with Marco Brambilla. Additionally Crush have done street projections for Nuit Blanche with Vespa.

Participant in this project: Gary Thomas, Stefan Woronko, Julia Deakin, Rudy Ledvinka, Kristen Van Fleet, Josh Clifton, Adam Palmer,Scott Carradice, Chris Minos, Errol Colautti.

The Happiness Project 2011 from CRUSH on Vimeo.

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