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Artist Bloc Doc

The initial project that started it all, Artist Bloc and Jon McCurley worked to create a documentary focusing on the creative process and its inherent difficulties. Engineering the ‘Multi Doc,’ seven emerging artists with artistic blocks were profiled as they worked from inpenetrable ideas through their every obstacle and to the execution of a final project.

In the fall of 2007, the documentary was shown, alongside an exhibit of the final projects, to a sold out crowd at the Theatre Centre in the Queen West Art District.

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Making of the Artist Bloc Doc (2007)

Artist Bloc : The Documentary (running time 48 min) a documentary following the host Jon McCurley as he entered the lives of seven emerging Toronto artists, to assist them through their artistic block. In the fall of 2007 the producers screened the documentary on the seven artists to a sold out crowd at the Theatre [...]


Coming Up With the AB concept

In the summer of 2007 artists Jon McCurley, Agi Gutkowska and Scott Nihill got together and discussed the possibility of an experimental documentary project entirely facilitated by artists creating self portraits and documentaries on others. We whipped up a TAC application under the former name Multi-doc. The idea was a documentary following Jon McCurley as [...]