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After the success of the Artist Bloc Documentary/Event, we went on to work with one of the artist featured, Jordan Scott, to create a project that was quite a step above for us. Stutter is a performance piece in which Jordan Scott reads his award-winning poetry into a microphone hooked up to an oscilloscope, which visibly measures the variation in his voice. At the same time, an improvisational orchestra plays along to the waveform created by the oscilloscope, while a glass wall separated the musicians from Jordan. As Jordan stutters, the waveform jumps and quivers, and so does the music coming from the orchestra—a very harmonious tune quickly becomes disjunctive and harsh as Jordan struggles with the words.

The project was awarded a BRAVO!Fact that aired in October of 2009 and can be watched in full format here: Stutter featuring Jordan Scott.


Project Posts | Stutter

Jordan Scott – Stammer – Interactive for the NFB

The NFB (National Film Board of Canada) commissioned an interactive documentary on poet Jordan Scott! Scott Nihill captured Jordan reading to an audience and interviewed him on his experience growing up with a stutter and how they relate to the poems in his book Blert. All of this is weaved into a captivating audience driven experience. [...]


Stutter on Screen

Bravo! Television has screened Stutter short nationally we can share it with you here online and in full format. Enjoy!


Stutter Airdate

“Stutter” will be airing on an upcoming episode of “Bravo!FACT Presents” at 7:30 pm ET/4:30 pm PT, Sunday 4 October 2009 on Bravo! television. The episode will be re-run at 8:00 pm ET/5:00 pm PT Friday 9 October and 8:00 am ET/5:00 am PT Saturday 10 October on Bravo!. It will also air on ‘A’ [...]


Stutter Live at The Music Gallery

We co-presented a Live version of Stutter in the intimate setting of St.George the Martyr Church as part of The Music Gallery programming in May of 2009. Enjoy the Slideshow below.


Stutter Live – BANG!

  Mouth implies choir, choir mimics mouth…. The Element Choir and poet Jordan Scott collaborate for an evening of disfluency and sonic gyrations. Performing from Blert (Coach House Books, 2008), which explores the poetics of stuttering, Scott’s own disjunctive speech will collide, inhabit and wind through the rhythmical and extended voice techniques of the Elemental [...]