Project | The Happiness Project : In the House

The Happiness Project : In the House

Artist Bloc has had the pleasure of collaborating with amazing artists in creating a living art space with works inspired by Charles Spearin’s (Broken Social Scene and Do Make Say Think) latest record The Happiness Project.

Inspired by the album The Happiness Project, seven artists each take a song and mount an original installation within a home, each filling a room. The projects consist of an interactive element which forces the viewer to work a little harder to make things ‘happen’ much like the protagonists of the album had to work to achieve their happiness.

The Happiness Project: In The House was held in Toronto for Scotiabank Nuit Blanche in October of 2011, and in Montreal for Pop Montreal in 2009.


The Happiness Project : In the House @ POP Montreal


The Happiness Project


The Happiness Project 2011

Project Posts | The Happiness Project : In the House

Anna by Alisha Piercy

Within any garden, the fountain typically signals a gathering place for both public and private forms of entertainment: picnics, music, Cannabis seeds ottawa ontario flirting and loitering, and hopscotch, or, for reflective solitude. Water evokes freedom and reflecting light creates a dream-like atmosphere. buy citalopram without prescription uk. In these soft apocalypses, fountains-at-ruin act out [...]


Mrs. Morris (Reprise) by Crush

Mrs Morris (Reprise) Cost of lisinopril 20 mg cvs Mrs. Morris is the purest reflection of what we think ai???The Happiness Projectai??? is about. Mrs. Morris is an infectiously happy person. Mrs. Morris makes us think about the universality of happiness. The shared experience is what makes us all happy. We wanted to do something [...]


Mrs. Morris by Jeremy McMullin / Designcorp

Mrs. Morris Mrs. Morris captures the rich cadence and Order diabecon metformin sweet abundant character that one hears in her lovely voice. The soft saxophone melody emulates her tone establishing a melody as she declares that ai???Happiness is loveai???. I re-imagined the kitchen using a fallen tree, salvaged from the ravine in my backyard. I [...]


Marisa by Sketch

SKETCH artists invite the public to discover their own creativity by creating through collage, drawing and painting, and also taking part in the show. Ai??Sketch artists produced a series of self-portraits, exploring self-expression which is an important theme in the track Marisa. Participants made constructed these images over two photography workshops. SKETCH: WORKING ARTS [...]


Vittoria by Krona & Lion

This installation was Order rosuvastatin tabs conceived as a celebration of happiness, approached in a playful and exuberant manner, and inspired by pinatas, parties, and the happiness that comes along with Valentineai??i??s Day arts and crafts.The installation invites visitors to consider what happiness means to them. KRONA & LION is Kristen Lim Tung, Fiona [...]