Stutter Live – BANG!


Mouth implies choir, choir mimics mouth….

The Element Choir and poet Jordan Scott collaborate for an evening of disfluency and sonic gyrations. Performing from Blert (Coach House Books, 2008), which explores the poetics of stuttering, Scottai??i??s own disjunctive speech will collide, inhabit and wind through the rhythmical and extended voice techniques of the Elemental Choir. The resulting noise will stretch language into strange and rare permutations ai??i?? challenging and exploring how physicality impacts communication.

JORDAN SCOTT is the author of Silt (New Star Books, 2005) and Blert (Coach House Books, 2008). Silt was nominated for the Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize. In the fall of 2006, Jordan worked on the final sections of Blert while acting as a writer in residence at the International Writersai??i?? and Translatorsai??i?? Centre in Rhodes, Greece. In 2008, Blert was nominated for an Expozine Award. In the spring of 2009, a short film based on Blert will appear on the Bravo! network. Jordan lives and works in Mount Pleasant, Vancouver BC. He spends the spring and summer slinging canoes at Pitt Lake ai??i?? the largest freshwater tidal lake in North America.

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THE ELEMENT CHOIR is an improvising choir from Toronto led by vocalist Christine Duncan. This is a group that works with both structured and non-structured elements, based primarily on a system of conduction cues. As an ensemble they explore textural and timbral sound qualities, soundscapes, rhythmic patterns, sound poetry, group and individual composition ideas, musical genre interplay and extended voice techniques. This cinematic approach to group vocalizing presents both tonal and non-tonal material in a constantly evolving and ai???in the momentai??? sonic environment.


NILAN PERERA is a sonic explorer and improviser whose work expands the language and techniques of experimental electric guitar performance, while attending to the legacy of 20th-century tradition established by such pioneers as Harry Partch and Fred Frith. Pereraai??i??s unusual approach to his instrument has earned him a reputation as one of Toronto’s most innovative experimentalists. He plays in a number of cutting-edge ensembles ai??i?? including Handslang, The Excalceolators, Wiens-Perera Duo and NOMA ai??i?? and has performed at the Vancouver International Jazz Festival, Toronto International Jazz Festival, for Sound Image Theatre, Autumn Leaf Performance, the Synaptic-Circus project, and with Peter Chin, Anne Marie Hood, and Susanna Hood.

He has been making music and creating trouble (and vice versa) in Toronto and the world for over 20 years now and is happy to be continuing to do both. He collaborates with dancers, spoken word artists, vegetable gardens, writes articles for various publications, plays with some of the best musicians on the planet and has recently taken up deer hunting to supplement his larder.

Generously Supported by OAC and TAC and Co-presented with The Music Gallery.


Thursday, May 21, 2009
7:00pm – 10:00pm order viagra without prescription.
Music Gallery –
197 John Street, Toronto, M5T1X6 at Stephanie Street
Toronto, ON

Tickets are $10 at the door.
Student and Starving Artist discount applies.




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